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Cover art of Bad Decisions. Man tilting woman back to kiss her neck

Bad Decisions

Book 1 of Decisions Duet


There's a darkness in Nico Frangione, one I can sense he's trying to fight against. It makes him dangerous. When my brother comes around confirming my suspicions and warning me to stay away from the criminal, I know I should listen. Now, if only I could convince my body to listen.


A charming smile here, a lust-filled look there, and it becomes even more challenging to resist the sexy man. He's stubbornly persistent when it comes to wanting a date. When I finally caved and agreed, he looked so pleased with himself. One date, then I'll walk away. That shouldn't be too hard, right?


One look at Roxanne Baxter, and I know I have to have her. I don't care that her brother is trying to put me behind bars. He has nothing on me. I will do anything to convince her to go on one single date with me. She's not easily swayed — like most women who flock toward me, it'll take a lot of effort and be worth it.


A sassy comment here, a bright smile there, and I'm a goner. She instantly became the light in my darkness. Now that I've had a taste, I can't let her go. Unfortunately, unavoidable factors are trying to take her away from me. I will protect her with everything I have. Will it be enough to convince her to stay by my side?



Let your heart be stolen by the worlds written by Ivy Marie

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