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Future Works

Maybe, I don't know, it's just ideas floating around in my head.

Idea One

This idea has been playing around in my mind recently: Reaper's Bride.

I was thinking of making it a series

There are two Grim Reaper's per city, one reaping souls for heaven, the other for hell. They can travel to their target's location through their dreams. There is also a bride made specifically for the reaper, a woman who will slowly gain powers to assist said Grim Reaper.

Derek is Hell's Reaper.

Skylar Foxx is a bride. She has the ability to see 'essence' or 'aura' each one unique to the person.

Main Characters: Derek Grimm and Skylar Foxx

Idea Two

Her brother was arrested for a crime that he never committed. She's been trying to convince the police that he's innocent, but they aren't listening. So on her own time she's been attempting to find proof to free her brother. Even after three years she hasn't gotten very far. Then the most unexpected help comes along - an old friend/crush returns to town. He's still a flirt but he's not got a badge on his hip and eyes only for her.

Idea Three

Rough Title: Auctioned Off

Her boss is in deep debt. She's worked with him since he opened his business. She agrees to go with him to an auction to try and help save both him and the business. At first she was mistaken as an object that was up for auction and she verbally proved the rude man otherwise. As the night went on she saw the only option to save her boss and she didn't like it. It wasn't planned but the one in charge of the auction really liked what she was proposing. She became an object for others to bid on. The man she spoke to earlier in the night bid for her, bid high too. Sure she helped her boss, got him out of debt and saved the business but she's now the property of some stranger for a week.

She will not give in to the seduction that he is providing. Except it's too hard to resist. He seems to enjoy her resistance, finds it a challenge, a game that he's determined to win. When he does win what happens to her by the end of the week?

Idea Four

Rough Title: Aphrodisiac Blood

She's been trained to be a hunter, a killer of supernatural beings who prey on innocent humans. She's been training since she was little when her dad gave her to the leader of the hunter organization. She has a secret, one that she's worked very hard to keep a secret from her partner - her father is a master vampire.

Something has happened. Something that is going to not only reveal her secret but also put her in danger.

Idea Five

Esmeralda is part of a secret group, funded by the government, to track down and either trap or kill unruly vampires. It's a small team of four and they've done well to keep Ottawa safe, and in the dark. One particular vampire takes an interest in her and the team. He kidnaps Es hoping to convince her to help him track down a certain vampire. Ace doesn't expect the intense attraction he has for her and looks forward to convincing her to help him. He lucks out, the vampire he's been tracking for years is the same one that killed her sister.

Es doesn't trust Ace, at least right away, and hates the fact that a vampire stirs something within her. She only agrees to help this vampire because he gave her the first clue to her sister's death in the past two years. As they work close together she realizes that Ace is more than just a vampire - especially since he doesn't stop flirting and touching and brushing his lips along her skin. She can't just drop everything to help him, so he helps her and the team capture vampires.

The more they look into her sister's death the more they realize how powerful the vampire who killed her is. Esmeralda becomes a target and Ace will do anything to keep her safe and by his side.

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