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What's The Inspiration?

The title came to me before the story. Once it did I ran with it. And ran with it I did. After my editor read the first draft I took her notes and had to real myself in with the second version - which is the one published.


Part of Chapter Eight

With the end of the conversation Ryan entered the Thorpe house. Mr. Thorpe was waiting for him on the stairs. First he inquired about the trip to Queen. Ryan retold the events. Mr. Thorpe didn’t appear pleased by the news, and even less pleased when he asked about the Capital Hill murders that broke out on the news. Ryan cringed and told him what Bret had just informed him about.


“Do you think the vampire did all that just to cause a panic?”


Ryan didn’t consider that possibility. “I’m not sure. With everything that’s been happening I can say for certain the vampire will come for Alice soon.”


“I’ll dust off my Hunter skills to protect my family.”


“I doubt you’d let your skills get rusty.”


Mr. Thorpe smiled standing. “Just keep that in mind if something happens to my daughter.”


Ryan froze a sudden jolt of fear running through him at the threat. He watched the older Hunter make his way upstairs before turning to lock the front door. He did an entire tour of the main floor ensuring all windows and doors are locked. Then he did the same upstairs in all but Mr. and Mrs. Thorpe’s room positive Mr. Thorpe would have done that himself. Ryan’s last stop was Alice’s room.


He frowned at the night breeze that hit him as he silently entered. The doors to her balcony were gone leaving Alice vulnerable. His eyes then drifted over to his Hunter. She slept with a pained expression. Closing the door he went over to her gently touching her shoulder and whispering her name. Alice woke up knocking his hand away then tackled him to the ground with a dagger pressed against his throat.


“Alice,” he called more firmly taking hold of her wrist so he can remove the dagger. “You’re safe.”


“Ryan?” she blinked down at him. “I could have killed you.”


“Maybe,” he admitted. If she wasn’t half asleep she quite possibly could have injured him.


“What are you doing in my room?”


“Making sure the house is locked. I came here last.”


She looked at the open balcony. “That might be a little difficult.”


Ryan reached up caressing her cheek. “Were you having a bad dream?”


Fear flooded Alice’s features, her hands gripping his shirt. “He was calling for me.”


“What?” Ryan sat up so suddenly Alice gave a little squeak as she slid from her spot on his chest to his lap. “How is that possible? I cleansed the bite.”


“I don’t know,” her voice muffled by his shirt as she buried her face in his chest. “I’m not strong enough to face him.”


“I won’t let you face him alone.”


He wrapped his arms around her, just holding her against him. Despite Alice’s bravado during the day he knew she had to be scared. Ryan just didn’t realize how scared. Or maybe the vampire calling her brought on this fear. He lifted her carrying Alice to her bed.


Alice reached out taking his hand. “Don’t go.”


Ryan wanted to go for a run around the property but the pleading look in her eyes had him sitting down, back against the bed. “I won’t.”


She flung a hand over his shoulder and shifted toward the edge of the bed to be closer to him. Ryan tilted his head back to look at her. Alice had fallen back asleep, a peaceful expression on her this time. He took hold of her hand kissing it then closed his eyes joining her in sleep.

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