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Supernatural Romance

Cover art of Stolen Heart. Man and woman with hands hovering over their heads

21K Novella

Stolen Heart


The past is a nasty creature I can’t seem to shake. It haunted my dreams for years, and the scars I wore were a constant reminder during the day. I’ve accepted my past and had healed enough for me to confidently move forward. Then he knocks on my door – tall, dark, and wolf – begging me to help him. His request will only pull me back into the past I’ve worked hard to leave there but I can’t refuse him. This is my chance to fix my mistake from five years ago.

The closer he and I get to fulfilling his request the less determined I am to fix my mistake. He makes my broken heart beat, and re-introduces colour to my grey world. It’s terrifying and exciting. What happens when we’re done? Will I be able to walk away from my past after revisiting it? Or will I be paralyzed by my past mistake?


As pack Alpha, I’m not only working to secure our future, but I’m also their problem solver. No issue is too small that I can’t fix. But when a friend is in need and I can’t help them I need to find someone who can. Rumours of a wolf living outside the pack could be the solution. When she opened that door, everything changed. Short, stubborn and a complete mystery. I found myself drawn into her orbit and forgetting about my friend’s problem.

She doesn’t seem to want a future, while all I can see is her in my future. When we’re done can I convince her that she deserves a happy future? Preferably one with me. Or will she decide to stay lost in a grim past?

Cover art of His Hunter. Woman holding swords with wolf by her side

43K Novella

His Hunter

I’m not just a human, I’m a Hunter, and I’ll prove it…

The title of Hunter has been passed down in my family for generations and I’m honoured to finally claim that title as my own. I’ve struggled to prove myself worthy of the position. For the past five years, I’ve gone after supernatural monsters who threaten to reveal their existence to other humans. When a vampire attacks me, I’m determined to prove myself worthy of the Hunter title by going after the monster.

The stubbornly handsome and protective Detective Ryan Lune doesn’t seem to want me anywhere near this vampire. If he doesn’t treat me like the Hunter I am, then none of his pack will either. With or without this frustratingly sexy man I will take care of this vampire and prove my worth.

I’m a monster, I want to protect her, but I’m not worthy of her…

I have a lot of responsibility, as pack Alpha, and as a detective, keeping the supernatural a secret from humans. When a vampire starts murdering humans in a gated community my role becomes even more important. After this most recent murder, it’ll be even more difficult to hide the truth. I have to catch this monster before the Hunter hears about it, but I can’t seem to track the vampire. Then, I get word that the vampire attacked the Hunter.

The strong-willed, prideful Alice Thorpe is determined to go after the vampire and prove her worth as a Hunter. She’ll get herself killed if she goes after him alone. I won’t let that happen. I will catch this monster before it goes after her again. She may hate me for wanting to protect her, but that’s okay, I don’t deserve her. In this world, only a monster will be able to defeat a monster.

Cover art of Witch Troubles. Woman with fire in her hands.

Witch Troubles

Coming 2024

I never wanted to be a witch.

I made a deal with a vampire to save someone I care about, in exchange I was to learn magic. Once I officially became a witch I held up my end of the deal and helped him 'solve' a few problems. Problems involving other witches, which alienated me from my own kind.

The longer I worked with this vampire the more loyal I became. Where do my loyalties truly lie when my supposedly dead teacher makes an appearance? Can I really turn my back on the vampire who has taken care of me all these centuries, and kept his end of our deal? Or will the lure of learning more magic draw me away?


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